About this IPT installation

This is a default IPT managed by GBIF Portugal, which is hosted by Instituto Superior de Agronomia / Universidade de Lisboa

The Portuguese Node provides this installation as a service to all national institutions that publish their data trhough GBIF, and also to publishing institutions from the CPLP community. This last was defined through a Service Level Agreement.

This installation is credited by GBIF as a Data Hosting Centre, accomplishing a set of requirements for services, platform administration, data security and support. The service is supported by the Instituto Superior de Agronomia infrastructure.

It is also registered on the resource FAIRsharing.org, that documents data and metadata standards, and its interrelations with databases and data policies. IPT.GBIF.PT register at FAIRsharing: https://fairsharing.org/FAIRsharing.gncawv (DOI:10.25504/FAIRsharing.gncawv).

  • Name = Nó Português do GBIF
  • Alias = GBIF Portugal
  • Homepage = https://www.gbif.pt
  • Primary Contact Type = Administrative point of contact
  • Primary Contact = Rui Figueira
  • Primary Contact Description = Node Manager
  • Primary Contact Address = Nó Português do GBIF | Instituto Superior de Agronomia | Herbário | Tapada da Ajuda | 1349-017 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Primary Contact Phone = (+351) 213653165
  • Node Email = node@gbif.pt