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Herbário LUA IIA


This dataset represents the Herbarium LUA from the Institutio de Investigação Agronónimica (IIA) located in Chianga, Huambo, Angola. The LUA Herbarium is estimated to host about 40.000 specimenes. During the Angola civil war, the herbarium was transported to Luanda (LUAI Herbarium) and more than 10 years after the war ended it was returned to Huambo where is has been stored and sorted again in the original herbarium room and is being digitized thanks to a GBIF - BID grant. Acording to Figuereido & Smith (2008) LUA is important as it holds duplicates of the Gossweiler collection and also of collections by Antunes and Dekindt, being the last two collectors materials deposited at B and used to describe several taxa, providing the holotypes of those names. During World War II a fire consumed the herbarium and many of these holo-types were destroyed but some duplicates (isotypes) may be found among the LUA collections.

The data available in this dataset do not represent the whole herbarium collection since this is a work in pogress. The dataset represents so far: - The orchidaceae familiy with 363 specimens that have been digitized, georreferenced and quality contolled. Other families are represented but due to lack of necessary human resources still need to go under a quality control process and taxonomic review as well as georreferenciation. This quality control process will be performed as soon as possible and the data file will be updated. These families are: - Rubiaceae with 2468 specimens - Leguminosae with 2135 - Poaceae with 1847 - Compositae with 1754 - Loranthaceae with 322 - Orobanchaceae with 266 - Meliaceae with 176 - Sapotaceae with 134 - Liliaceae with 102 - Arecaceae with 61 - Other less represented families such as Cupressaceae, Podocarpaceae, Welwitschiaceae, Gnetaceae, Zamiaceae, Composeae, among others. The Herbarium contains specimens mainly from Angola but some are from Portugal, Cameroon, South Africa, Namibia, São Tomé and Príncipe and Guinea-Bissau, among other countries.

Data Records

The data in this occurrence resource has been published as a Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A), which is a standardized format for sharing biodiversity data as a set of one or more data tables. The core data table contains 9,690 records.

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Nogueira J, Chicomba H (2018): Herbário LUA IIA. v1.2. INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO AGRONÓMICA - IIA. Dataset/Occurrence.


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The publisher and rights holder of this work is INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO AGRONÓMICA - IIA. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0 License.

GBIF Registration

This resource has been registered with GBIF, and assigned the following GBIF UUID: 39fe6a80-7ee0-48eb-8738-fa5874a06b29.  INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO AGRONÓMICA - IIA publishes this resource, and is itself registered in GBIF as a data publisher endorsed by Participant Node Managers Committee.


IIA; LUA; Herbarium; Angola; Specimen


Who created the resource:

João Nogueira
Henriques Chicomba

Who can answer questions about the resource:

Daniel Bassimba
Chefe de Departamento
IIA Chianga Huambo Huambo AO

Who filled in the metadata:

Daniel Bassimba

Who else was associated with the resource:

Daniel Bassimba

Geographic Coverage

Mainly Angola and some records of other African countries and Portugal

Bounding Coordinates South West [-29.83, -14.72], North East [38.9, 31.71]

Taxonomic Coverage


Kingdom  Plantae

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1898-01-01 / 1976-06-15

Project Data

No Description available

Title Strengthening the institutional network in Angola to mobilize biodiversity data
Identifier BID-AF2015-0122-NAC

The personnel involved in the project:

David Elizalde

Additional Metadata

Alternative Identifiers 39fe6a80-7ee0-48eb-8738-fa5874a06b29