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This is a default IPT hosted by Instituto Superior de Agronomia / Universidade de Lisboa

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  • description = The Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), School of Agriculture, is the largest and most qualified school of graduate and post-graduate degrees in the Agricultural Sciences, in Portugal, and its know-how is recognized nationally and internationally. With over 160 years of experience, it has been adjusting its teaching to both the technological evolution and the reality of the country, focusing both on quality and modernization. ISA was integrated in the Technical University of Lisbon in 1930. Since 2013 it became part of the University of Lisbon, resulting from the merger of the Technical University of Lisbon and the former University of Lisbon. It has about 1700 students in graduate and undergraduate programmes, a faculty of 131 teachers and 3 Researchers, including 116 PhDs. Located in the heart of Lisbon, Tapada da Ajuda – an Environmental and Botanical Park with about 100 ha, of recognized interest – it is also a pleasant place for events and recreational activities. ISA holds João de Carvalho e Vanconcellos Herbarium (Index Herbariorum Code: LISI) where several collections of spontaneous vascular plants are maintained, namely the Iberian Peninsula collection (holding close to 100,000 specimens), the Azorean plants collection (5,300 specimens), Madeira plants collection (1,500 specimens) as well as the Ornamental and Cultivated plants in Portugal collection (12,000 specimens) and the World plants collection (6,900 specimens).
  • name = Instituto Superior de Agronomia / Universidade de Lisboa
  • alias = GBIF Portugal
  • homepageURL = [http://www.isa.ulisboa.pt/]
  • primaryContactType =
  • primaryContactName = Pedro Arsénio
  • primaryContactDescription =
  • primaryContactAddress =
  • primaryContactEmail = arseniop@isa.ulisboa.pt
  • primaryContactPhone = +351-213653318
  • nodeKey = 673f7038-4262-4149-b753-5658a4e912f6
  • nodeName = GBIF Portugal
  • nodeContactEmail = node@gbif.pt