Avifauna do Parque Nacional da Quiçama

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Quiçama National Park is situated 70 kilometres south of Luanda, the capital of Angola. The park spans an area of 9,960 km2 and has as natural limits the Cuanza and Longa Rivers, as well as the Atlantic Ocean in the west with 125 km of coastline. The park is situated in the Zambezian phytogeographic region presenting three main zones: extensive flood-plains with Echinochloa spp grassland and Cyperus papyrus swamps of the Cuanza and Longa rivers; well-rounded hills of heavy cotton soils with treeless Setaria welwitschii grasslands; and gently undulating plateaux of deep red to yellow sands with a mosaic of savannah and thicket communities. The park has the capacity to provide large and ecologically viable habitats to protect many species, including several listed as threatened on the IUCN red list, and it is recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA - A1, A2, A3: 2001). The present dataset is a result of collateral data gathered during a mammal survey conducted by INBAC and RWCP Angolan team between June and September 2017. Given that the Quiçama National Park avifauna is poorly known, this dataset is a first step to update knowledge on the birds of this IBA. It is intention of INBAC to continue documenting the avifauna in the park in order to create a checklist, valuable for management activities as well as to both researchers and tourists. Currently the dataset is composed by 66 species of which we highlight Gyps africanus (CR), Torgos tracheliotos (EN), Polemaetus bellicosus (VU), Terathopius ecaudatus (NT) and Platysteira albifrons (NT).

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Diversity; Bird species; ecology; Angola; Red listed; Observation


Who created the resource:

Sango Sá
Chief of Department
INBAC Rua 26 de Janeiro, Quarteirão Nimi ya Luqueni Kilamba Luanda Luanda AO +244924175953
Sara Fernandes
RWCP Angola Lubango Lubango Lubango AO
David Elizalde
RWCP Angola Lubango Lubango Lubango AO

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Sango de Sá
Chief of Department
INBAC Rua 26 de Janeiro, Quarteirão Nimi ya Luqueni Kilamba Luanda Luanda AO +244924175953

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Sango de Sá
Chief of Department

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Sango de Sá
David Elizalde
RWCP Angola AO

Geographic Coverage

Parque Nacional da Quiçama

Bounding Coordinates South West [-10.39, 13.19], North East [-9.18, 14.21]

Taxonomic Coverage

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Class  aves

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2017-06-15 / 2017-10-07

Project Data

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Title Strengthening the institutional network in Angola to mobilize biodiversity data
Identifier BID-AF2015-0122-NAC
Funding GBIF BID National Grant
Study Area Description Angola

The personnel involved in the project:

Sango de Sá
Sara Fernandes Elizalde
David Elizalde Castells

Sampling Methods

observações oportunísticas

Study Extent Parque Nacional da Quiçama

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